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White Control

  • The next preview screen shows all areas that will be printed with White Toner.
  • „No Spot Channel“ means that your printer will not print any white and you will get a CMYK print. If you use „Spot Channel fill up“ the white channel is activated again.
  • „Spotcolor“ mode is only for users of the OKI 9541DN / C941DN. Here you can choose which toner currently is inside you printer.
  • The „Fillup Spot up to” drop-down menu allows you to determine the amount of white that will fill-up the selected total amount.
  • By default this amount is set to 150% - We recommend for most designs a value of 150% and rasterized designs up to 250%.
  • At 150%, all colors with a color intensity value below 150%, will be filled up to a total value of 150%. Meaning, all colors with a color intensity of 150% will not be filled. E.g. A color with 149% will be filled with 1% white.
  • Decreasing the total value from 150% to 50% for example, means the colors are filled up with white only to a total value of 50%.
  • The „Multiplicate Spot by” drop-down menu determines the value at which white is filled. If using a value of 1.00 and have 80% Cyan, this is filled with 70% White to achieve the 150% cover up or the value of 1.00. If the value is changed to 0.5, only 35% is filled with White, achieving a 150% cover up. This means that the value is multiplied by the white fill value.
  • With the feature „Underfilling“ you are able to delete 1-4 pixels around your design. With this option you can avoid the bleeding of colors or white edges (with pixel graphics) with only one click. Usually 1 pixel underfilling is enough.
  • IMPORTANT! If you print on Multi-Trans, set at „Fillup Spot up to“ 400% to reach enough coverage for dark or black substrates!

The following example shows you a graphical way to control the application of the white colour:
Used settings:
„Fillup White up to“: 200%
„Multiplicate White by“: 1.00

White will be continuously added until the „Fillup White up to“ value has been reached!
Is a color already at this exact value or above? Then no white will printed on this color.


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